Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Short Drop by Matthew FitzSimmons

25789569Matthew Fitzsimmons’ debut novel, The Short Drop, is a stunning and gripping political mystery thriller which centres over the disappearance of Suzanne Lombard, the 14-year-old daughter of U.S. Senator Benjamin Lombard, almost ten years ago. The search for the missing teenager fails to yield any result. Beatrice Arnold, the last person to see her, couldn’t provide any useful lead. No one ever came forward to claim the 10-million-dollar reward offered by her family and friends. Davy Oskenberg, the first and best suspect in the case, a long-haul trucker with a history of domestic violence, was cleared by the FBI but not before he lost his job and received several death threats. It was a frustrating dead end in a case of dead ends.

Through the years, Suzanne’s disappearance has remained an enduring American mystery. With the tenth anniversary of her disappearance looming, her childhood friend Gibson Vaughn is persuaded to look for her with the sudden reappearance of a faceless chatroom friend of Suzanne. Gibson is not only a disgraced computer hacker but a man haunted by the past. While still in high school, he hacked into Senator Benjamin Lombard’s site, which ultimately proved very costly for his family. Suzanne’s father, Benjamin, is now the Vice President and he’s running for the presidency. The stakes are high.

Assisted by an ex-CIA officer and a former police detective, Gibson has to steer cautiously through the treacherous paths of political intrigue, a hired killer, and a web of deceit if he is to ever connect the dots and find Suzanne. The Short Drop by Matthew Fitzsimmons is a real page-turner, skilfully plotted with an ending that will satisfy many thriller lovers. For a first-time author, Matthew Fitzsimmons has done a wonderful job in almost all departments. What really got me into the book was the way he builds up the tempo, and an opening that really arouses one’s curiosity. I strongly recommend the book and look forward to reading many more of Matthew Fitzsimmons’ novels.


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