Monday, May 18, 2015

A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne White

Twelve years ago Olivia West escaped a brutal killer and helped put him behind bars where he died. The ordeal cost her marriage and child, and life as she knew it. Now, still struggling with PTSD and horrific scars, she's living under a new name and believes she's finally found sanctuary on Broken Bar Ranch.

But as the twelve year anniversary of her abduction nears and winter begins to close an icy fist around the Broken Bar wilderness, a dying cop's pledge for justice lures a killer out the woods. And when a fresh victim is found gutted and hanging from a tree, bearing startling similarities to the Watt Lake slaughters, Olivia must face the impossible—could the Watt Lake Killer be back? Or is it a copycat determined to finish the butcher's job.

Only one man can help her in the isolated wilderness setting—Cole McDonough, notorious adventurer and writer, heir to Broken Bar Ranch, a man as untamed and rugged as the mountains around them. A man with his own broken past.

But Cole also re-awakens something darker in Olivia, a smoldering desire, a need to be held. And she faces a choice: Can she expose herself, her scars, her horrific past, to this man? Can she learn to trust again? Or will her fear of intimacy—her shame—cost them both a second chance at love? Or worse, their lives?

Review: Multiple award-winning author, former journalist and newspaper editor Loreth Anne White adds ever more depth to her long line of romantic suspense by infusing a chilling tale with breath-taking literary prose and rhythms in A Dark Lure, a romantic suspense thriller with dark currents.

Set in an out-of-the-way secluded and far removed wilderness, with misty fog covering the air, author Loreth Anne White’s story is dark and suspenseful as one follows Sarah Baker, also known as Olivia West. A Dark Lure is the gripping story of Sarah Baker who is compelled by circumstances to change into Olivia West. It is the story of a woman troubled by her awful past. But it is also a story of a woman who wants a future and is determined to survive at all costs.

A Dark Lure is a superb read by all means. It is extremely engaging, suspenseful and a top-notch thriller. Author Loreth Anne White crafted a story that will fascinate and mesmerize lovers of romantic suspense. The characters are well-conceived, true to the nature of the story and combined well to make a fantastic story.

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